The Academy of the Russian football club Zenit will soon open its branch in Abkhazia.

The well-known children's and youth football school, "Gazprom" - the Academy of FC "Zenit" from St. Petersburg, will open its branch in Abkhazia. The exact dates of the event will be announced shortly. This became known at the meeting of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress Mussa Ekzekov and the school leaders on Monday, October 19. 

According to Sergey Morozov, director of the center for advanced training of coaches of the Academy of the FC Zenit, the idea of ​​opening a branch arose after the leadership of the academy saw the game of some football teams of Abkhazia.

"There are some very interesting guys. Abkhazia has raised several outstanding footballers," Morozov shared his assessment of the Abkhazian players, and added: "Probably, the interests of the football club in which I work and my love for Abkhazia, my desire to help this country coincided."

Sergey Morozov expressed the opinion that there are many gifted athletes "from birth" in Abkhazia, that, "like all southern guys", Abkhazian footballers are "fast, hardy, energetic, and evil in a good sense." However, he believes that today in Abkhazia, footballers have the opportunity to improve their sports skills only up to adolescence, up to 11-12 years, since there are not enough qualified coaches who could raise the level of athletes further.

"They stop, they lose interest in football, they see no prospects, and everything fades away," explained Morozov.

He said that the Zenit Academy has already conducted advanced training courses for Abkhazian coaches. Abkhazian coaches showed great interest in the courses, a total of 34 people took them.  Zenit Academy will continue to cooperate with many of them.

"Out of 34 coaches who have received certification, we have identified 14 people. This is a high result," said Sergey Morozov.

Anatoly Davydov, director of the Academy of the FC Zenith, in turn, said that the training of the Football Academy is carried out according to a modern method using all the innovations used in football today. He noted that the Zenit Academy also plans to hold its training camps in Abkhazia.

"We are satisfied with the infrastructure and climate. We will come to Abkhazia for health, and there are teams to play with. We will continue the training of football coaches of Abkhazia at the center. With great pleasure we will watch and track the local guys, we will invite them to tournaments," the director of the FC Zenit Academy shared his plans.

The upcoming opening of the Zenit football school in Abkhazia was commented on by the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress Mussa Ekzekov. He noted that the implementation of this project, as well as the very meeting with the leadership of the Zenit Academy, became possible thanks to the efforts of the Abkhazian businessman Boris Dzhergeniya.

"Boris Djotovich Dzhergeniya has developed good relations with outstanding football players, coaches, and the leadership of the Zenit Academy. From these relations grows an amazing project to create a platform for the development of youth football in Abkhazia. This implies the development of a football base and the training of high-level coaches. Thus, there is a unique opportunity for children and adolescents to do what they love and at the same time to reveal their talents, having a serious perspective in the future," Ekzekov said.

The Chairman of the SC of the WAC recalled that many people in Abkhazia love football. He also expressed confidence that "everyone will strive to get into the Zenit Football Academy." 

"The people of Abkhazia will use this excellent opportunity to identify talented children and adolescents, and the relevant competent state authorities, together with the Zenit Academy, will create comfortable conditions for the implementation of the Abkhazian football potential in the Abkhazian, Russian and world arenas," concluded Mussa Ekzekov.

The FC Zenit Academy is a children's and youth football school affiliated with the famous Zenit football club from the Russian northern capital of Saint Petersburg. The goal of the Academy is to educate football players worthy to play for the club's main team. The school has its own philosophy, which is that its graduates become not only good football players, but also good, educated people.  The Academy teams "preach aggressive and spectacular football". In this case, the principle of "preparation of the player, not the team" applies. All classes in the school are divided into three categories: technical-tactical, theoretical and psychological, there is also physical training.