Operational Headquarters for protecting the population from coronavirus reported that in Abkhazia, another 14 people fell ill with COVID-19, including one of those who arrived in Abkhazia on vacation.

According to operational data, as of August 8, 14 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Abkhazia, including the first infected with COVID - 19 among vacationers.  The sick person was taken to Russia for treatment. This was announced by the Headquarters for the protection of the population from coronavirus infection.

According to the Headquarters, over the past 24 hours, testing for coronavirus infection was carried out among 149 citizens. The survey of all contact persons continues.

“At the moment, there are 42 patients with confirmed coronavirus infection in the Gudauta Central District Hospital,” the Operational Headquarters said.

One patient was discharged from hospitalization with positive dynamics, a negative result for COVID-19, and recommendations to stay at home in self-isolation until complete recovery, the Operations Headquarters said.

The total number of detected cases of coronavirus in Abkhazia today is 134 people. Of these, 38 recovered, three died.

The Abkhazian-Russian state border has been open since August 1. In the first four days alone, more than 100 thousand tourists arrived in Abkhazia from Russia.

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