Internet users are actively watching videos shot by amateurs from Abkhazia.

A video about Abkhazia to the music of the Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi is becoming popular online. “Formation” is an amateur survey of the views of Abkhazia, against which the girl plays the piano. Video filmed and edited by amateurs. The authors of the video are Daniil Otyrba, David Otyrba and Beslan Lagulaa. It starred a performer of national dances and pianist Oksana Butba.

According to Daniil Otyrba, the video was shot “in one day”, but for this it was necessary to first find an old piano and convert it into a “grand piano”.

“For a month I saved up money, went and asked everybody if someone had a piano.  I assembled a piano from chipboard and other building materials, threw the mechanisms from the piano into the grand piano and painted it,” said the young man.

In the first days since posting on YouTube, the video gained more than two thousand views, every day this figure is increasing.