The World Abaza Congress held a large-scale children's holiday in the New District of Sukhum. 

The World Abaza Congress organized and held a children's holiday in the New District of Sukhum. The holiday was timed to coincide with Children's Day: due to bad weather, it was postponed from June 1 to 12, but this did not stop the children from getting a lot of positive emotions. 

The WAC announced in its social networks the beginning of the holiday at 18:00, but people in the park of the New District began to gather much earlier.

"We came early because my son walked around me in the morning and asked when the holiday would start. We could not stand it anymore and went there. The children were looking forward to it.  You can see how much fun they are having," smiles Marina Avidzba, the mother of the boy Damir.

The children really enjoyed themselves. The World Abaza Congress has prepared many surprises for this. The holiday program was very diverse.

First, the children's choreographic ensemble "Ashara" performed. Then the "Joyful Starts" began, which consisted of bike rides, rollerblading and scooter rides. The WAC presented gifts to all the winners of the "Starts".

Jason Tzabria took part in the bike ride. He didn’t win, but he wasn’t upset.

"I couldn’t win, but I liked the holiday anyway. Next time I will definitely win," Jason doesn’t lose heart.

Throughout the holiday, children had the opportunity to take part in a drawing master class. Master classes were given by teachers of the "Salvador" Fine Arts Studio.

The program of the holiday also included demonstration performances by the students of the fitness and dance studio "Mansarda". "ApsnyCrew", in turn, performed a break dance.

Some children had a chance, together with adults, to hang birdhouses on the trees in the park, which the WAC had specially prepared for the holiday in advance.

"I hung up birdhouses for the first time. I really liked it," said Nestor Kuteliya.

Of course, the attention of all the guests was attracted by the animators portraying the heroes of the famous cartoon "Transformers". Children were also entertained by a unicorn and a LOL doll.

There was a face painting station in the park. Almost none of the children missed the chance to paint their faces.

The Executive Secretary of the World Abaza Congress Inar Gitsba addressed the guests at the holiday. He greeted all those present on his own behalf and on behalf of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress Mussa Ekzekov, wished the children good health, success and a peaceful sky above their heads.

Commenting on the event, Gitsba noted that the representatives of the Congress are very happy to see such a big number of children and adults.

"We chose the New District of Sukhum this year, because it is densely populated, and we have not held such events here yet. The World Abaza Congress attaches great importance to working with youth, with children, in particular. We believe that a child needs to be accompanied at all stages of his growing up. Today's event turned out to be large-scale, emotional and joyful," he concluded.

A special gift to everyone, towards the end of the evening, was a large multi-colored fireworks organized by Housing Department No. 5 and personally by the head of Housing Department No. 5 Akhra Kvitsiniya. Bright fireworks complemented the atmosphere of a real holiday, joy and fun. It is worth noting that the house management provided support to the World Abaza Congress at all stages of organizing this holiday.

Speaking at the holiday, Akhra Kvitsiniya expressed gratitude to the WAC for the holiday, wished all children peace, health and prosperity.

The head of the local branch of the WAC of the New District, Ilona Adleyba, also noted that the guests of the holiday, especially the children, were very happy and excited.

"The children welcomed the holiday with great enthusiasm. They were waiting for it. They showed themselves excellently. Parents told us many charming words, for which special thanks to them.  We had a wonderful atmosphere in the New District today," she summed up.

The guest of the holiday Madina Adleyba expressed her gratitude to the World Abaza Congress.

"The children are happy, the program is very diverse: sports, culture and entertainment. Thank you very much," the guest thanked.

All children received sweet gifts as well. At the end of the holiday there was a paper show.