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16/06/2022 13:50 11225
Famous compatriots: Adnan Kabartay told about the Abkhazians of the Middle East

The book in Arabic "Quotes about the history of the Abkhazians in the Middle East" by the researcher and historian Adnan Kabartay (Khapov) tells about who the descendants of the Abkhazian compatriots became in the Middle East.

09/10/2020 18:10 News 28180
WAC representatives met with the Abkhaz-Abaza and Circassian Diasporas of Syria

Representatives of the World Abaza Congress met with members of the Abkhaz-Abaza and Circassian Diasporas in the Syrian Arab Republic.

26/12/2019 15:10 News 34467
The artist of the year was chosen in Abkhazia: the award recipient is Sabina Kvarcheliya

The annual award “Best Artist of the Year” was held in Abkhazia.

15/08/2019 10:05 Short history course 58354
Portraits of the war: stories of Abkhaz volunteers

Volunteer Day, dedicated to people who fought together with the Abkhaz people during the 1992-1993 PWPA, is celebrated on August 15 in Abkhazia. The WAC web info portal publishes several stories of volunteer veterans by this date.

08/09/2018 13:20 34358
Raul Khadzhimba met with representatives of the Abkhaz-Adyg Diaspora in Syria

President of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba during the official visit to Syria met with representatives of the Abkhaz-Adyg Diaspora and honored the memory of Waleed Marchan.