25 September 2023


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21/09/2023 17:33 555
“Abkhazian Armor”: WAC presented a new documentary within the “Amazara” project

Within the framework of the “Amazara” project of the World Abaza Congress and the ANO “Alashara”, another film dedicated to the Abkhazian armor was made about the intangible and cultural heritage of the Abkhaz-Abaza people.

20/09/2023 13:25 652
The role of women in bringing victory closer: the WAC held a round table

The Coordinating Council of Women of Abkhazia at the World Abaza Congress held a round table on the role of women in bringing victory closer. The event is dedicated to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Victory in the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia of 1992-1993.

19/09/2023 13:25 870
WAC conducted a large-scale medical examination of the Pskhu village residents

As part of the medical examination, a team of doctors examined the adult and child population of the village of Pskhu.

19/09/2023 10:45 Video 384
"Letter": a letter addressed to Lyudmila Tseretel

This letter is addressed to Lyudmila Tseretel.

15/09/2023 16:00 Video 437
"Letter": Rauf Dasania's letter to his family

Rauf Dasania's letter was written a few days before his death in the offensive operation to liberate Sukhum.

14/09/2023 16:45 482
WAC began the second stage of medical examination of students in rural schools

The World Abaza Congress, together with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Abkhazia, resumed a project for medical examination of students and teachers in rural schools in the new academic year.

13/09/2023 14:00 Video 587
"Letter": a letter from Elizaveta Chkadua-Lakashia addressed to her family

Elizaveta Chkadua-Lakashia's letter is addressed to her daughters Nana and Manana Lakashia.

11/09/2023 13:25 Video 437
"Letter": Nugzar Kharchlaa's letter to his family

Nugzar Kharchlaa's letter addressed to his sons, father and mother.

08/09/2023 09:50 495
The WAC and the Albamed Medical Center held a medical and social conference

Participants and guests of the conference discussed the rehabilitation potential of children with delayed psycho-speech development.

07/09/2023 13:30 Video 493
"Letter": a letter written by Saida Morokhia to her relatives.

A letter from a 17-year-old resident of the besieged Tkuarchal, Saida, addressed to her uncle's family.

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