29 September 2022


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12/02/2021 10:30 216
Lesson №110

In the summer. During the fall. Winter is cold. It's warm today. Are you hot? Yes, I'm hot.

11/02/2021 10:30 190
Lesson №109

July August September October November December

10/02/2021 13:30 195
Lesson №108

January February March April May June

08/02/2021 20:25 173
Lesson №107

Winter is coming. Spring is warmer. Summer is hot! It is cooler in the fall. Next winter. This spring.

08/02/2021 13:25 130
Lesson №106

What are you doing on Thursday? I have a day off on Thursday. What are your plans for Saturday? I'm leaving town on Saturday. I am going to Achandara for the holidays.

05/02/2021 09:30 198
Lesson №105

The store is closed on Sundays. What day is tomorrow? Tomorrow is Tuesday. No, tomorrow is Wednesday. I have to go to work on Monday.

04/02/2021 09:25 167
Lesson №104

When will we go? We've been waiting a long time. What day is it today? Today is Monday. When does the weekend start? The weekend starts on Saturday.

03/02/2021 12:40 181
Lesson №103

I'll call you later. I'll text you later. When will it be ready? It’ll be ready in an hour. It’ll be ready tomorrow.

02/02/2021 13:05 130
Lesson №102

We met last year. We'll meet next month. I’ll be in New York next week. I was in London last year.

01/02/2021 20:05 157
Lesson №101

Is it open today? Is it open tomorrow? Is it open on weekends? What time does it open? What time does it close?

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