14 July 2024


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15/06/2024 15:30 Science 2315
The first dissertation within the program for the development and preservation of the Abkhaz-Abaza language was successfully defended

Applicant for the Adyg State University Maryana Karmova defended her dissertation on  “Abaza language in multilingual conditions: sociolinguistic and linguocultural aspects.”

01/06/2024 17:25 1699
Representatives of a delegation from Adygea officially visited WAC office.

The Sukhum office of the World Abaza Congress was visited by Marziyat Bidanok and Marina Temzokova.

22/05/2024 12:00 Photo 1681
May 21 is the Day of Remembrance of the victims of the Caucasian War.

The WAC took part in events dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Caucasian War.

17/05/2024 17:20 1531
WAC sums up the results of the first stage of medical examination for 2024

With the end of the academic year in the country’s schools, the WAC and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Abkhazia completed the first stage of clinical examination.

14/05/2024 12:38 1684
In memory of Oleg Bebiia

Master of Sports of Abkhazia and Russia Oleg Bebiia died on May 10, 2023 during the evacuation of wounded soldiers in the special operation. For his courage, he was posthumously awarded a medal of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Order of Courage and the 1st degree Golden Cross of St. George. Read about the life and death of a fighter with the call sign “Falcon” in the story of the journalist, Chairman of the Women’s Council of the WAC Ekaterina Bebiia.

02/05/2024 17:20 1643
Spring and Labor Festival: an equestrian tournament was held in the village of Kutol

The opening of the racing season and equestrian competitions dedicated to the holiday of spring and labor took place in the village of Kutol on May 1.

24/04/2024 19:50 1482
Сара исыхьӡуп: WAC new project

The WAC Information Department has finalised a new project called “САРА ИСЫХЬӠУП“.

31/03/2024 12:55 Video 2460
Living Craft

What is the soul of the people expressed in? In language, traditions, culture. It is also expressed in crafts that are passed on from generation to generation, giving the opportunity to create for the benefit and joy of people. “Living Craft” is a new project of the World Abaza Congress. The series of programs will tell about masters who, with their own hands, help traditions not to fade away, remaining part of modern culture. You will learn more about the history and technology of the craft and, perhaps, try your hand at creativity yourself.

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