The opening of the racing season and equestrian competitions dedicated to the holiday of spring and labor took place in the village of Kutol on May 1.

Before the start of the tournament, guests and organizers laid flowers at the memorial to the people of Abkhazia who fell in the Patriotic War and the monument to Soviet soldiers.

The competition program included equestrian football, darts throwing, horse racing and the traditional Abkhazian game “Aimtsakiachara”. The WAC team presented the game “Aimtsakiachara”, in which two teams from the villages of Chlou and Kutol took part. The match ended with victory for the guests with a score of 4:0.

The chief referee of the game was the head of the WAC department for youth development and physical culture Valery Berzeniia.
Three teams from the villages of Uarcha, Baslakhu and Kutol competed in dart throwing, dedicated to the memory of the master of sports Omar Kogoniia. The home team “Bzana” took first place, “Kudry” from the village of Uarcha took second place, and “Baslakhu” took third place.

In equestrian football, dedicated to the memory of the masters of sports, brothers Alkhas and Garik Palavandziia, the Kutol riders became the winners, the Baslakhu team took second place, and Kudry took third place.

The winner of the first 1200-meter race, dedicated to the memory of those who died in the Second World War, was Dmitry Kardiia, the second was Damey Sakaniia and Kandid Lagindzia became the third. The second race at a distance of 1600 meters was dedicated to the memory of the fallen heroes of the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia. The winner of the competition was Sandro Ozgan, second place went to Sair Gumba, and third place to Beslan Bzhaniia.
The tournament ended with the third race of 2000 meters in memory of Daur Achba. The first place was occupied by Dmitry Kardiia, the second by Oscar Trapsh, and the third by Kandid Lagindziia. The winners of the competition were awarded cups, medals and certificates.

The organizers of the equestrian competitions are the State Committee for Youth Affairs and Sports of the Republic of Abkhazia, the Administration of Ochamchira District, the Administration and residents of the village of Kutol. The World Abaza Congress provided financial assistance in organizing the tournament.

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