21 January 2020


Short history course

17/01/2020 09:00
Tall guard of time: the story of the building of the Administration of Sukhum

The building of the Capital Administration was built in 1914: it turned 105 years old. Who built this house, which became the hallmark of Sukhum, how it changed, and what remained unchanged in it – all this is featured in the material of the WAC portal.

13/01/2020 11:30
Newspaper “Abazashta”: the guardian of the language and the “chronicle” of the Abaza people

“Abazashta” is the only newspaper in the world to be published in the Abaza language. The first issue was published in July 1938. Since then, for 80 years, “Abazashta” writes about the life of Abaza in Russia and the world, their aspirations, difficulties and joys.

09/01/2020 12:25
Holy place and architectural monument: Bedia temple in Abkhazia

The Bedia cathedral was built in 999 on a mountain plateau in the village of Agu-Bedia, Tkuarchal district of Abkhazia. This is an Orthodox church, known far beyond the borders of Abkhazia. In 2019, the Bedia temple marked the 1020th anniversary since its founding.

26/12/2019 15:10 News
The artist of the year was chosen in Abkhazia: the award recipient is Sabina Kvarcheliya

The annual award “Best Artist of the Year” was held in Abkhazia.

24/09/2019 10:50
The Great Abkhaz wall: questions and answers

In Abkhazia there is the so-called Great Abkhaz wall - an ancient defensive structure, the details of which are still a mystery to contemporaries. Perhaps the answers to all the questions will be given by the scientific project launched this summer.

30/08/2019 11:50
They are missed: on August 30, the Day of Disappeared Persons is marked in Abkhazia

International Day of Disappeared Persons is held every year on August 30th. In Abkhazia, the vast majority of the missing are people who disappeared during the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia.

25/08/2019 08:10
How nations united: on the day of the formation of the Confederation of Caucasian Peoples

On August 25-26, 1989, the first congress of the Assembly (Confederation) of the Mountain Peoples of the Caucasus was held in Sukhum. For the 30th anniversary of the creation of the association, which played a key role in the PWPA, the WAC web information portal prepared an essay on the history of the organization's formation.

15/08/2019 10:05
Portraits of the war: stories of Abkhaz volunteers

Volunteer Day, dedicated to people who fought together with the Abkhaz people during the 1992-1993 PWPA, is celebrated on August 15 in Abkhazia. The WAC web info portal publishes several stories of volunteer veterans by this date.

28/07/2019 11:00
Abkhaz Hundred: in whom “the true spirit of chivalry” lived

2019 marks the 105th anniversary since the start of the First World War, in which the Abkhaz warriors fought, showing exceptional courage in battle, sincere devotion to the Motherland.

23/07/2019 10:40 Longread
Open palm to the world: state symbols of Abkhaz and Abaza

The history of the state symbols of the Abkhaz and Abaza people is rooted in antiquity. The image of the flag of the Abkhazian kingdom was found on the medieval maps of the Genoese. The modern flag and emblem of Abkhazia were approved on July 23, 1992. Their author was the Abkhaz artist Valery Gamgia. The state symbols of Abkhazia, as well as the national Abaza flag, reflect the history of nations.

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