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28/09/2023 14:00 News 4414
WAC took part in the festival of Abkhazian culture “Apsny” in Moscow

The Congress presented national Abkhazian games and films based on the WAC project “Amazara” on “Abkhazian song” and “Ancient Abkhazian armor” at the festival.

09/09/2020 09:45 Diaspora 26566
WAC courses on the Abaza language in Moscow reopened after a break

After a short break, the World Abaza Congress reopened the Abaza language courses in Moscow. 

05/04/2020 23:25 Diaspora 30071
Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora helps Abkhazia prevent COVID-19 pandemic

Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora assists Abkhazia in confronting the coronavirus pandemic.

26/12/2019 15:10 News 34618
The artist of the year was chosen in Abkhazia: the award recipient is Sabina Kvarcheliya

The annual award “Best Artist of the Year” was held in Abkhazia.

09/08/2019 22:30 Events 35614
Works of the artist Varvara Bubnova, who lived in Abkhazia for 20 years, were presented in Moscow

An exposition of rare works by the artist Varvara Bubnova from a private collection has opened in the museum of Marina Tsvetaeva in Moscow.

01/07/2019 22:05 News 33687
WAC took part in the second festival of Abkhaz culture in Moscow

The WAC delegation took part in the second festival of Abkhaz culture “Apsny” in Moscow.

01/07/2019 10:05 39203
About Abkhazia with love: a festival of Abkhaz culture was held in the center of Moscow

The Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora held the second open festival of Abkhaz culture Apsny in Moscow

31/05/2019 10:25 34300
Compilations of documents on the history of Abkhazia presented in Moscow

In Moscow, previously unpublished documents on the history of Abkhazia were presented, combined in two compilations.

09/05/2019 21:50 33770
MAD representatives walked in the ranks of the “Immortal Regiment”

Members of the Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora joined the procession of the “Immortal Regiment” on Victory Day, May 9 in the capital of Russia.

01/05/2019 19:40 39887
 “Thank you grandfather for the victory”: the film by Abkhaz director Timur Tania was released in Russia

The film of the Abkhaz director, honorary member of the WAC Timur Tania “Thank you grandfather for the victory” after the premiere in Russia was released in wide distribution.

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