The Sukhum office of the World Abaza Congress was visited by Marziyat Bidanok and Marina Temzokova.

 Selma Bazba

The initiator of the working meeting between the two organizations was the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC, Mussa Ekzekov. The purpose of the meeting is to familiarize guests with the work, in particular with the project activities being carried out by the Sukhum branch of the WAC.  

The delegation represented by Doctor of Philology, Deputy Director for Science ARIGI (Adyg Republican Institute for Humanitarian Research) named after T.M. Kerasheva Marziyat Bidanok and teachers of the Adyg language and literature, member of the Project Office Marina Temzokova visited the WAC office.
As part of the business conversation, the heads of departments of the World Abaza Congress told about the activities of the team, noted projects that are currently being worked on, and shared work plans for the near future.

In turn, the guests noted the commonality of issues, shared their impressions of the work, and also exchanged experience in project activities, and spoke about some of the most successful projects of their organization.

"We visited our fraternal republic of Abkhazia at the invitation of Mussa Ekzekov. We got acquainted with the work of the WAC, with the projects that Congress employees are implementing. There are projects that we are very interested in, we will work on something at home. I would like to emphasize that both with “Alashara” and with the WAC - there is indeed common ground. We all work for the preservation of our ethnic groups, so that our young people live, grow, study, work, create in the name of their people - we work for this. We definitely need to put into practice more events where the apsuara, abazar, adygara dominate, and of course we always need to exchange experiences,” noted Marziyat Bidanok.

The two-day working visit of the delegation from Adygea was included both a working and cultural program.

The guests thanked the WAC team for the warm welcome and discussed issues of cooperation.