Festive events were completed by a festive concert with the participation of the stars of the Abkhazian stage and dance groups.

The Day of the National Flag of the Republic on July 23 was celebrated by a festive concert with the participation of dance groups and stars of the Abkhazian stage. Within the framework of the festive events, the video-link «Sukhum-Cherkessk-Eskishehir-Amman» was also held.

The modern state flag of Abkhazia was approved by the Supreme Council of the Republic on July 23, 1992. It symbolizes the stages in the development of the statehood of the Abkhaz people. The open white palm on the red background is a symbol of the Abkhazian statehood, which was formed during the times of the Abkhazian Kingdom and counts 12 centuries. Seven bands of green and white colors respectively symbolize spirituality and youth. The seven five-pointed stars above the palm are the seven main regions of historical Abkhazia: Sadzen (Dzhigetia), Bzyp, Gumaa, Abzhyuaa, Samurzakan, Dal-Tsabal, Pskhu-Aibga.