The head of the World Abaza Congress (WAC), Mussa Ekzekov, and the Executive Secretary of the organization Inar Gitsba visited the Abkhaz-Abaza Diaspora in Turkey.

Mussa Ekzekov, Chairman of the Presidium of the World Abaza Congress (WAC), and Inar Gitsba, executive secretary of the WAC, arrived in Turkey on Friday, May 5th.

The first familiarization visit of the new head of the WAC to Turkey lasted three days; its main goal was to establish ties with the Abkhaz-Abaza Diaspora. 

The delegation of the WAC met with the leadership of the Federation of Abkhazian Cultural Centers in Turkey, as well as with the Plenipotentiary Representative of Abkhazia in Turkey, Vadim Kharazia. In addition, the delegation of the WAC visited a number of events with participation of representatives of the Diaspora.