The annual cultural and sports festival "Abaza" will be held on July 22 and 23. The festival is regularly organized by the International Association for Promotion of the Development of the Abaza-Abkhaz Ethnos "Alashara".

The cultural and sports festival has been held since 2014. It consists of two parts: the Day of Culture of the Abaza People and the Games of the Abaza People. The Day of Culture is traditionally celebrated on July 23 - together with the Day of the State Flag of the Republic of Abkhazia. This year, guests and participants of the event will gather in the Green Island park in Cherkessk.

The Games of Abaza people are a kind of sports Olympics. At first, teams from the Abaza auls of the KChR participated in the competition, over time the geography expanded - teams from Abkhazia, the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Moscow, Stavropol, Cherkessk began to arrive. This time it is planned to form a team of the foreign Abkhaz-Abaza Diaspora. The venue for the Games will be the village of Psyzh of the Abaza district of the KChR.

The Abaza festival is a holiday inspired by the spirit of unity and brotherhood. There will be a competition in 11 kind of sports for the right to be called the sportiest team. The kinds of sports will include national ones as well: tug of war, stone pushing, climbing a pole, archery.

The festival will include festivities, exhibitions of historical flags, photographs of the Abaza people, fine and decorative arts. Masters will present dishes of national cuisine, various competitions and other entertainment events will also be held.

We will share the brightest and most interesting moments of the festival on the official website and social pages of the Congress.