As part of his working visit to Abkhazia, Ekzekov met with members of the Women's Councils of the Congress.

The Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress Mussa Ekzekov held a meeting with representatives of the Women's Councils of the Congress as part of his official visit to Abkhazia. The meeting took place at the Congress office on Thursday 25 March.

Mussa Ekzekov greeted the representatives of the best half of the Congress team with words of gratitude for the work they have done since his previous visit to Abkhazia.

"I am sincerely glad to see you all. I know how, in a relatively short period of time, you have embraced the ideas of the Congress and the vision of how we need to move, what we need to do so that we can really influence the quality and dynamics of life in Abkhazia. We don’t have to wait for the grass to grow, expect that tomorrow will become brighter by itself. The Lord God gives us the opportunity to grasp our destiny with our own hands and change it here and now," Ekzekov said.

The Chairman of the WAC SC noted that the Congress team has a long way to go and there is a difficult joint work ahead that much yet needs to be learned. The main thing, in his opinion, is to learn to "convey to people, to hearts, everything that we want to do personally for everyone, starting with simple things and moving on to more complex ones."

Speaking about the need for such a structure as the Women's Council, Ekzekov highlighted the special role of women in the social life of society.

"I always say: a woman will find a way to feed her child, to keep the house warm, to have food at home. Hunting [as a men's business] may or may not be successful. I mean that the role of women is great, and the potential of women is enormous. A man does not pay attention to many things, and a woman notices a lot, and life consists of nuances - everything is in the details. You are experts in these things. A man can never convey what a woman can say to a woman. Probably, only another woman can hear the pain of a woman so deeply," he concluded.

The head of the Women's Councils of the WAC, Geta Ardzinba, spoke about the work done and upcoming events.

"Members of the Women's Council participated in the opening of each Local branch in the villages and districts of Abkhazia - they found active people through their acquaintances and their personal contacts, they traveled to the villages and communicated with the future active members of the Congress. Not a single festive or humanitarian event of the Congress was complete without the participation of my colleagues from the Women's Council. I can say with confidence: the Women's Council is a reliable wing of the Congress," said Ardzinba.

The participants of the meeting were encouraged by the personal communication with the Chairman.

Ilona Amichba, a member of the WAC Women's Council, a child psychologist, told about her impressions of the meeting with Musa Ekzekov.

"What we have been doing for three years in the Congress, today at a meeting with Musa Khabalevich revealed in a new way for me. Now we more strongly believe that the lofty goals we face are not just about work, it is a mission. Our team felt it in a new way! He (Mussa Ekzekov - ed.) gives a feeling of stability, which is very important for everyone today," said Amichba.

These impressions were supplemented by another representative of the Women's Council, Aza Gumba.

"Mussa Khabalevich Ekzekov can be easily called a global person, and he himself can be called a person who has achieved great success in many areas. And it is so pleasant to watch how he loves the Abaza people - like one big family! With fatherly care and diligence, he invests strength and resources in the prosperous future of our people. Such meetings are very much needed, we got the nourishment of our confidence that the ideas of creation and rebirth of the Abaza people will become a reality," concluded Gumba.

Geta Ardzinba, for her part, summed up the meeting.

"Today was a very important day for all of us - a substantive and long meeting with Mussa Khabalievich took place. Our dialogue in its energy and content was similar to a meeting of old friends who are united in their worldview. I would like to emphasize a very important, for me personally, moment: Mussa Khabalevich seems to "fill the space around him" with sincere confidence in achieving all the plans of the Congress, faith in ourselves and in our strength. He charges everyone with this feeling. This quality is very valuable for a leader," said the head of Women's Councils.

Ardzinba is confident that the impressions of this meeting will become "an additional driving force in working with Local branches, in social actions and humanitarian programs of the Congress."

Musa Ekzekov's working visit to Abkhazia will last until March 27. It includes meetings with members of the Supreme Council of the Congress, as well as with representatives of the Local branches of the WAC in the villages and districts of Abkhazia.