24 February 2024


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03/07/2020 14:00 Short history course 28718
The Tower of broken hearts: annual excavations of the Great Abkhaz Wall have been completed

A year has passed since the beginning of the archaeological project “Secrets of the Great Abkhaz Wall”. The excavation participant, volunteer Vasily Nikulin, shared his impressions of this work, talked about artifacts and asked experts about the significance of the finds.

05/06/2020 19:15 Interview 48698
Abkhazia and Italian city-states: a new book of the Abkhaz scholar Chirikba

A well-known Abkhaz scholar, member of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress, Professor Viacheslav Chirikba told the WAC information portal about his new book “Abkhazia and Italian city-states of the XIII-XV centuries. Relationship Essays.”

24/09/2019 10:50 Short history course 42162
The Great Abkhaz wall: questions and answers

In Abkhazia there is the so-called Great Abkhaz wall - an ancient defensive structure, the details of which are still a mystery to contemporaries. Perhaps the answers to all the questions will be given by the scientific project launched this summer.

18/04/2019 12:40 Interview 38280
Kobakhia: monuments of all periods of human civilization are present in Abkhazia

On the eve of the International Day of Monuments and Historical Sites, the WAC web information portal interviewed the Deputy Minister of Culture and Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Abkhazia Batal Kobakhia, who spoke about the challenges and successes in the field of preserving cultural heritage.

27/09/2018 10:30 Longread 51593
Go to death to live

Early in the morning on August 14, 1992, the troops of the State Council of Georgia, on the pretext of protecting the railway, crossed the Georgian-Abkhaz border on the Ingur River and began to move deeper into Abkhazia along the Gal-Sukhum highway. This was how the bloody war began and the genocide of the Abkhaz people, which lasted 413 days.

20/08/2018 10:35 Longread 106823
United and indivisible. About the history of the World Abaza Congress

«We were not alone at a dangerous moment» from the welcoming speech of Vladislav Ardzinba on October 7, 1992, Lykhny.