Interview of journalist Ekaterina Bebia with Roman Pilia and Georgy Gublia.

As part of the series of TV programs "Walking the paths of the Apsuara", journalist Ekaterina Bebia interviewed people who impeccably observe Apsuara: public figure Roman Pilia and scholar, writer Georgy Gublia.

"You can easily notice a person who observes Apsuara. Undoubtedly, it is immediately clear that he was raised in a good family. In our time, the word of the head of the family was observed unquestioningly. The head of the family was the father, and his word was the law for everyone," says Roman Pilia.

"A good family is one where there is mutual respect and understanding. People say: don't attend someone else’s business without having solved your own one. This means: until you bring order to your family, your word will not have weight among the people," says Georgy Gublia.