The youth board and the Council of Women of the World Abaza Congress on Victory and Independence Day held a children's holiday on the Sukhum promenade. 

The festive program of the WAC gathered on the Sukhum promenade on September 30 adults and children: the attention of the townspeople was attracted to a bright tent with the logo of the Congress, which was already crowded before the beginning. 

Children curiously asked organizers, what stars and palms on the Congress logo mean, what program is prepared for them, and in turn, talked about military equipment - tanks and helicopters - which they saw on this day on the parade.

The event was organized by the youth council and the Women's Council of the WAC. Both were created in the structure of the organization recently and appeared not by chance. Congress considers it necessary to pay special attention to the work with young people: in particular, you can create youth regional offices in each settlement. Another priority task is to combine active women of Abkhazia for work for the benefit of the country.

According to the head of the Youth Council of the WAC, Levan Torchua, the event was organized, first of all, for children: it is for children to bring pride for the feat of the people, tell about the history of the country.

«The holiday was bright and entertaining, children got many gifts and positive emotions, they entertained animators. A bright moment was the contest of national dance among all the gathered. The jury of the competition included our «stars» - Milena Tachulia and Valeria Adeliba. Their presence inspired the children. It is great that there were some many guys wishing to present their dances,» Torchua said.

The prize for the best male dance has become a traditional horn of the work of the master of Abazin origin Muhammad Sosnak, inlaid with the WAC logo. The same master  also made the «female» prize - necklace with national ornaments. The action was joined by the  «Sukhum-Market», which gave to all guests of ice creams. 

According to the Executive Secretary of the WAC Inar Gitsba, the tent of the Congress attracted attention of the older generation: people began to be interested in how to join the Congress.

«All the wishers were given the opportunity to fill in the applications right on the spot. We've heard many positive feedback about the Congress. People with inspiration take the ideas and goals of our organization, want to be involved in the affairs of the WAC, useful in our projects. As experiment, we even held a competition for the knowledge of historical facts about the Congress and were surprised with the number of people,» Gitsba shared. 

The contest about the history of the World Abaza Congress was a quiz, during which the gathered ware asked to answer questions. The presenter asked about the WAC, about the history of the organization's work, about its activities in Abkhazia.

The total attention was attracted to the young man among the guests: he actively answered the questions of the presenter and surprised with the answers. The question, from where he has got such detailed information about the Congress, he answered that he had recently registered in the WAC portal and studied the long read of the portal, in which the facts and important dates in the history of the organization are described in detail. 

«United and indivisible. From the history of the World Abaza Congress»: Watch Long read>> 

At the holiday were invited children-wards of the two charitable funds in advance, the COF «Kiaraz" and the CCF «Ashana». For them, gifts and other things were prepared.

So, the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the COF «Ashana», Izolda Khagba, especially noted the idea of organizers to give letters of gratitude to the children of warriors.

«It is pleasant that the organizers decided to pay special attention to the wards of the COF «Kiaraz» and the CCF«Ashana», the children of the veterans of the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia of 1992-1993. In addition to gifts, each child was presented a thank you letter in which their fathers were thanked for the fact that they heroically brought our victory closer. I think it is a very special approach, since not all children even understand how significantly the total contribution of everyone was. It is important that this will cause even more pride for parents,» Khagba said.

Executive Director of COF «Kiaraz» Kamma Gopia noted that their organization together with their partner, AquaFon, provides special support to the families of veterans of the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia of 1992-1993.

«Participation in the nationwide celebration of the Victory and Independence Day is carried out for the first time. The WAC became the initiator of the action and prepared a special program and souvenirs for the children of veterans. This is the opportunity to say "thanks" to veterans together with their children. We should understand that our wards, especially with low social status, are also builders the state, they influence the future and are responsible for their homeland. Handing gratitude for the feat of their parents, we increase the authority of the fathers in the eyes of children, because their fathers brought us victory, peace, freedom, and they, children, from now on, we will continue their way!»- Gopia believes. 

The Day of Victory and Independence traditionally gathers in the capital of Abkhazia citizens from all corners of the republic and guests of Sukhum. Adults and children take part in festive events, exchange congratulations, thank heroes for victory. In 2018, Abkhazia celebrates the 25th anniversary of the victory in the PWPA 1992-1993. It is celebrated especially widely and solemnly.