Interview of journalist Ekaterina Bebia with scholar Emma Kilba on the author's TV show "Walking the paths of Apsuara".

As part of the television program of the journalist Ekaterina Bebia “Walking the paths of Apsuara”, the author interviews Emma Kilba (1953-2017), candidate of philological sciences, employee of the Dmitry Gulia AbIGI. The topic of the conversation was questions of apsuara, language, homeland, Abkhazian culture. The interview was recorded in Sukhum in the studio of the Abkhazian State Television in 2009.

“The basis of apsuara is humanity, while we observe humanity, apsuara does not leave us.  Apsuara is based on the Abkhaz language. An Abkhazian must understand that without his native language he cannot be a true Abkhazian.  Knowledge of the language is paramount, secondary and tertiary…”, says Emma Kilba.