The new project of the WAC "Аҭоурыхтә ҭынха аԥеиԥшазы" was presented at the press center of the World Abaza Congress.

The WAC project "Аҭоурыхтә ҭынха аԥеиԥшазы" ("Historical heritage for the future" - Russian) was launched by showing the first series of the cycle in the press center of the World Abaza Congress. The project will consist of 30 short documentaries in the Abkhaz language about the history of Abkhazia from the Paleolithic era to 1965. The plan is to release two films a month.

The author of the project is a historian, member of the Supreme Council of the WAC Dzhambul Indzhgia. The project was launched with the financial support of Mussa Ekzekov, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC.

The presentation was opened by the head of the WAC Department for Education, Social Activity and Health, Izolda Khagba. In her speech, she emphasized the importance of the project in the educational sphere.

"The presented series of documentaries can be proudly called a new successful educational project. Short videos with a significant amount of information will become a locomotive for a more in-depth approach to studying the history of Abkhazia. I am sure that the project will be useful for everyone who wants to know more about the history and development of Abkhazia," she said.

Dzhambul Indzhgia spoke about the goals of the project, that in the future there are plans to create a full-length documentary in English and Turkish. This should contribute to the popularization of the history of Abkhazia outside the republic, including among the foreign Abkhaz Diaspora.

"Today the world is developing rapidly. The digital age is taking its toll. We still lack visual aids in the study of national history. Sometimes schoolchildren and students do not know where this or that historical monument is located, they have not seen it with their own eyes. That is why we decided to create a series of documentaries on the history of Abkhazia. They can serve as a tool for studying our history," said Indzhgia.

In addition, he thanked the WAC for assistance in the implementation of the project and expressed the hope that the created documentaries would contribute to the patriotic education of the younger generation.

On behalf of the expert community, the presentation was made by the Dean of the Faculty of History of ASU, Candidate of Historical Sciences Alik Gabelia, Candidate of Historical Sciences Soslan Salakaya, Head of the Historical Department of the Abkhazian Institute, Doctor of Historical Sciences Aslan Avidzba.

Alik Gabelia, Dean of the History Faculty of ASU, emphasized the need to develop a special scientific terminology in the Abkhaz language based on the films presented. This, according to him, meets the most important interests of the Abkhazian people: the preservation of their native language, ethnic identity and national history.

The project moderators from the World Abaza Congress were Kan Tania, Head of Staff of the Supreme Council of the WAC, Tengiz Tarba, Head of Information Policy and Communications, and Temur Rekvava, Head of the Sukhum Office.

The documentary project of the WAC "Аҭоурыхтә ҭынха аԥеиԥшазы" is aimed at promoting national history both in Abkhazia and abroad. A total of 30 documentaries in the Abkhaz language will be made. The organizers plan to add Russian subtitles to the videos.