The local branch of the WAC was created during a meeting of representatives of the World Abaza Congress with residents of the Gal district on January 25.

Said Bargandzhia

Representatives of the World Abaza Congress on January 25 organized and held a meeting in the Gali district of Abkhazia, introducing the residents of the district to the Congress, its activities and immediate plans.

During the event, the Council of the local branch of the Congress in Gal was established.

The branch was headed by Tengiz Inal-ipa. Eleonora Berulava, Tsiala Lataria, Dmitry Labania, Edischer Zukhba, Diana Inal-ipa, Inal Kuchuberia also joined the local body of the WAC.

The Executive Secretary of the WAC Inar Gitsba told the meeting participants that the Congress pays special attention to the creation of local offices. He cited the example of a previous meeting with residents of the Tkuarchal district of Abkhazia, after which the local Council of the WAC branch was also created.

The event was attended by the head of the Gal district Temur Nadaraya. He thanked the representatives of the Congress for their attention to the district and the offer to the residents to join the Congress.

“I promise as the head of the district to provide all necessary support. Thank you for coming to us. We are ready to work together for good,” said Nadaraya.

Inver Alshunba, member of the Supreme Council of the WAC, spoke about how to enter the Congress, and about the significance of the contribution of each member of the WAC to the common cause.

“Your participation is very important for us: the residents of the district themselves know better their problems and the ways to solve them. We all need to support each other, each of us has strengths that we can unite,” he said.

Leaders of the Youth and Women's Councils of the WAC also addressed the local residents.

“We have planned joint projects. We count on the full support of young people,” said Levan Torchua, head of the Youth Council.

The head of the Women's Council, Geta Ardzinba, said in turn that she considered an important task “to wake up the initiative of citizens, to be close in social projects that in the future will be initiated by active groups in each of the districts of Abkhazia”.

A multilingual information portal of the Congress was presented at the meeting. Press secretary of the information portal Said Bargandzhia told the meeting participants about the website and the advantages of registering on it.

“Anyone can register and use the database, which will help to find representatives of the Abaza ethnic group all over the world,” said Bargandzhia.

The audience was also offered to watch a documentary about the ANO “Alashara”, which is an unconditional partner of the World Abaza Congress. “Alashara”, over the course of five years of work, is an example of active work in solving social issues of Abaza. It has achieved high results in the development of sports and culture among residents of Abaza villages and has conducted comprehensive scientific work.

The meeting of representatives of the World Abaza Congress with activists of the Gal region is the second of a planned series of meetings with residents of towns and districts of the Republic of Abkhazia. Such meetings will be held in all districts in order to acquaint the residents of Abkhazia with the activities of the Congress, to attract new members to the WAC and its work.