19 June 2024


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16.04.2024 10:49
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Rauf Ayba turns 90

On April 12, at the Fruits of Enlightenment theater in St. Petersburg, a cultural evening was held dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the public figure, philanthropist, chairman of the St. Petersburg Abkhazian Diaspora in 1990-2000, honorary chairman of the “Apsny” society, honorary resident of St. Petersburg Rauf Ayba.

The event was officially started by the congratulations of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress, Mussa Ekzekov. In his letter, he noted that the life story of Rauf Tarkhunovich is evidence of perseverance, determination and unwavering commitment. Mussa Khabalevich wished him good health, prosperity and joy from knowing how many people honor and cherish the legacy of the hero of the day. The letter was read from the stage by the WAC Chief of Staff, Kan Tania, who presented a gift from Mussa Ekzekov.

President of the Republic of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhania also conveyed congratulations. He wished Ayba good health, good spirits and long happy years of life surrounded by loving family and friends. The Ambassador of Abkhazia to Russia Alkhas Kvitsiniia also joined the congratulations, calling Rauf Tarkhunovich in his letter an example of true patriotism and sincere devotion to the Motherland.

Numerous other distinguished guests also conveyed their congratulations: officials of Abkhazia and Russia, scientists, diplomats, journalists, publishers and cultural figures, comrades from different countries and former classmates. Many people came to congratulate the hero of the day personally from the stage.

The event was organized by the Abkhazian Diaspora of St. Petersburg and the World Abaza Congress. The famous vocal duet “Berzenia Sisters” performed for the participants of the celebration. The musical show was prepared by the winner of various international competitions, a student at the Institute of Culture in the field of pop-jazz vocals, Aida Smyr, and the “Abaza” band of the WAC introduced Abkhazian dances to the guests of the event.

The cultural program also included an excerpt from the documentary “The Abkhazian Labyrinth”, which was financed by Rauf Tarkhunovich. Together with the director and director of photography, he personally traveled all over Abkhazia while the film was being made.

Rauf Ayba led the Abkhazian Diaspora during a difficult time - the years of the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia in 1992-1993. Thanks to his work, the activities of the Diaspora became an important vector in socio-political life during this difficult period. In addition, Rauf Tarkhunovich provided great support to talented youth, scientists and professional organizations in peacetime. They include both young professionals and well-known political figures.

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