The information portal of the World Abaza Congress has prepared an essay on the sports career of the Russian boxer Khariton Agrba.

Khariton Agrba is a Russian professional athlete in the super lightweight weight category (light welterweight). He has been fighting for two years now and still remains an invincible fighter in the status of a professional: 12 fights and 12 absolute victories. 

Childhood and youth  

Khariton Agrba was born on October 22, 1995 in the Republic of Abkhazia. He spent his early childhood in his native town of Gagra. At the age of five, he moved with his family to the city of Volgodonsk, Rostov region of Russia.

For the first time, Khariton got into the boxing section at the Volgodonsk sports club "Olimp" at the age of 10. His father brought him there, who from childhood instilled in his son a love of sports. Khariton himself recalls the beginning of his career as follows:

"I have never been a conflict child and have always tried to resolve incidents peacefully. However, close friends convinced me that I have strong hands of a fighter and I need to learn accurate strikes. So I shared my desire with my father, and he took me to the section," recalls Agrba.

Thus, the life of ten-year-old Khariton changed dramatically - a busy training schedule was added to the daily school routine.

The first coach and head of the section that Khariton signed up for was Nikolai Timofeev. Subsequently, Khariton Agrba’s debute in the professional ring is directly connected with his name.

After graduating from school in 2013, Khariton entered the Rostov State University of Economics (RINH), after which he received a master's degree in economics.

During his studies at school and university, Khariton becomes the owner of the title of vice-champion of Russia in welterweight and light middleweight, wins a place in the Russian national team and a silver medal in the boxing tournament of the European Games.

Khariton Agrba’s amateur boxing

In 2017, in weight up to 69 kilograms, Khariton took silver at the Russian Boxing Championship, held in the Chechen Republic. Thanks to this victory, Agrba got into the Russian national boxing team.

In 2018, in the weight up to 69 kilograms at the Russian Boxing Championship, which was held in Yakutsk, Khariton became a two-time silver medalist.

In February 2018, he became the winner of the prestigious Strandzha Cup international tournament, held in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, where he defeated Kanagat Maralov, a professional boxer from Kazakhstan, in the semifinals, and Sadzhad Kazemzadeh Postiri, a professional boxer from Iran, in the final. 

In 2019, the coaching staff of the Russian national team decided to include Khariton Agrba in the Russian boxing team at the European Games in Minsk, where he won a silver medal, losing in the final to Pat McCormack from Great Britain.

Professional career 14 years later  

After 14 years of an amateur career, on December 13, 2019, Khariton Agrba had his first fight in the professional ring of the "Face to face" boxing show in the welterweight division, in which he defeated the previously undefeated Russian boxer Shokhrukh Abdiev by unanimous decision.

In 2020, Khariton Agrba joined the World Boxing Association (WBA) and reached a new professional level. At competitions in the Arena Roberto Duran sports complex in Panama, he finished the Mexican boxer Flavio Cesar Ramos in three minutes and won the first title.

The result of further hard training was the victory over the representative of Armenia Manuk Dilanyan at the Moscow University of the sports club (USK) "Wings of the Soviets". The vacant WBA Continental junior welterweight title was at stake, and Khariton won.

In an interview with the WAC Information Portal, the boxer said that the secret of his personal success is absence of limits and fear of an opponent. On the eve of any duel, Khariton does not specifically tune in - he does his usual business and follows the usual daily routine.

"If you take on what you really love and enjoy it and put maximum effort into it, this is the only way to succeed. Life is constantly testing us, and we have to go through all the stages in order to achieve the goal. The higher the goal, the more difficult the way," he shared.

Currently Khariton Agrba remains an undefeated professional boxer in his weight category 63.5 kg.

In March of this year, Agrba's 11th fight took place, in which he defeated the reigning boxing champion of South Africa. The meeting between Khariton Agrba and Dlomo Prince took place in the arena of the Sports Palace in Yekaterinburg.

In a conversation with the WAC information portal, the athlete shared his future plans and told how he sees the development of sports in Abkhazia.

"I have many close friends and acquaintances in Abkhazia, with whom I constantly keep in touch. Among them are both amateurs and professional athletes. I see that each of us is ready to share our experience. I think this is very important. There are promising young people who need to be supported. We all have to work on ourselves, without hanging gloves, for the benefit of our beloved Apsny. It is important for me to keep in touch with my compatriots and share experience. In the near future, we plan to hold several boxing master classes among young athletes of Abkhazia," Agrba shared.

At the boxing evening in Dushanbe on April 28, 2023, Khariton won his 12th victory in the professional ring. An 8-round fight with a boxer from Uzbekistan Mirzakamol Nematov ended in the fourth round with a technical knockout of the opponent, who became the eighth in the athlete's professional career.

For his 27 years, Khariton Agrba has fought more than 400 fights. Eleven fights in the professional ring and all of them are victorious. Of these, seven were by knockout.

Khariton Agrba is a professional athlete from Abkhazia who competes in tournaments under the flag of Russia. Currently, he is a master of sports of international class, a two-time silver medalist of the Russian boxing championship in 2017-2018, a holder of the WBA Fedecaribe, WBA Continental and IBF European titles.