A documentary film by a journalist, head of the WAC Coordinating Council of Women of Abkhazia Ekaterina Bebia is dedicated to the editor-in-chief of the “Abazashta” newspaper, Honored Journalist of the KChR, member of the Union of Journalists of Abkhazia, holder of the III degree Order of Akhdz-Apsha Fardaus Kulova.

The documentary "Keeping up with the times" tells about the life and professional activities of the KChR journalist Fardaus Kulova. For more than twenty years, Kulova has been the head of the editorial office of the newspaper "Abazashta", published in the Abaza language. Ekaterina Bebia shows in her film the image of a journalist and editor in the modern world, while revealing the character and personal qualities of Fardaus Kulova. All work on the film, from writing the script to editing, was made by Bebia herself.