75 participants presented their works at the annual winter Art-Market, which opened in Sukhum on December 22.

Said Bargandzhia

The Fifth New Year Art-Market opened on Freedom Square in Sukhum on Saturday, December 22.

At the exhibition-fair, which has already become traditional, you can buy handmade products for all tastes, try Gudauta chacha, drink mulled wine, taste a variety of gingerbread.

The organizer of the exhibition, Ksenia Irisova-Bagapsh, told the WAC web information portal that more than 75 masters participated in the anniversary Art-Market. She also recalled the statistics of past years: the first Art-Market was attended by only 18 masters, and then it was difficult to convince them to participate in the event. Thus, the popularity of the Art-Market has grown significantly.

Irisova-Bagapsh noted that today the Sukhum Art-Market is "the only regular hand-made and applied art fair," with many participating masters later becoming individual entrepreneurs.

"This is a platform for beginning businessmen who can get acquainted with their potential customers," the exhibition organizer explained.

Irma Adleyba, a fair participant, agrees that the Art-Market is a good starting point for entrepreneurs.

"I have been participating in the Art-Market for the fifth year already, I am making women's jewelry, many of which are made in the national style. The art market helps a large number of people to show their products," said the master.

Every year the fair attracts many visitors: here you can buy gifts for the holidays and feel the Christmas mood. The guest of the event, Angela Bebiya, told us why she comes here year after year.

"This place is always about creative and positive atmosphere. The art market has always been an excellent platform for all creative people who have something to show. Plus, you can always choose gifts for your loved ones," she explained.

According to the established tradition, all the proceeds from the sale of funds will be used to help low-income families with many children. New Year's Art-Market will work in 2018 for two days - December 22 and 23.