5 July 2022


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24/06/2022 10:15 News 2022
Abraskil spoke in English: WAC translated the Abkhazian cartoon

The cartoon "Valors of Abraskil" was translated from Abkhaz into English by the WAC information portal.

21/06/2022 14:03 871
The Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography released a collection "Caucasus: Crossroads of Cultures"

Materials of the seminar "Caucasus: Crossroads of Cultures" of the Department of Ethnography of the Caucasus of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) were published as a collection of the same name in St. Petersburg. 

16/06/2022 13:50 Syria 1004
Famous compatriots: Adnan Kabartay told about the Abkhazians of the Middle East

The book in Arabic "Quotes about the history of the Abkhazians in the Middle East" by the researcher and historian Adnan Kabartay (Khapov) tells about who the descendants of the Abkhazian compatriots became in the Middle East.

13/06/2022 15:40 Events 1458
Winner stage: "Abaza" graduate became a coach in St. Petersburg

A pupil of the freestyle wrestling club "Abaza" Denis Kvarandzia became a coach for children in St. Petersburg.

09/06/2022 16:30 Events 1490
The film "The Lamb" based on the story of the people's writer Alexey Gogua was shot in Abkhazia

The short film "The Lamb" based on the story of the people's writer of Abkhazia Alexey Gogua was filmed by a young director Amina Kvarchia.

07/06/2022 18:00 In Abkhazia 1427
Commemorative coins "Heroes of Iskander" were issued by the National Bank of Abkhazia

The National Bank of Abkhazia issued commemorative coins depicting the heroes of the works of the writer Fazil Iskander.

06/06/2022 19:30 News 1183
Meeting of the heads of local branches of the WAC was held in Sukhum

The general meeting of the leaders of all local branches of the World Abaza Congress was held in Sukhum.

03/06/2022 09:50 News 2301
WAC announces the vacancy of the Coordinator of local branches and youth activities

The WAC will hold a competition to fill the vacant position of the Coordinator of Local branches and youth activity of the WAC.

02/06/2022 14:00 Photo 1545
Heroes of Abkhazian folk songs through the eyes of young artists

An exhibition of 60 children's paintings by students of the circles of the Ochamchira boarding school and the Pitsunda studio "Art.Vabaga" was held at the Abkhazian Drama Theater in Sukhum on Children's Day on June 1. Young artists painted on a given topic - "Heroes of Abkhazian songs."

02/06/2022 13:10 News 1136
A song on canvas: WAC organized an exhibition of children's drawings on Children's Day

An exhibition of children's paintings by young artists who were inspired by the film about Abkhazian folk songs was held in Sukhum on Children's Day.

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