The Deputy Head of the SD ANO “Alashara” of the city of Cherkessk, the freestyle wrestling coach Rasul Chukov became the winner of the National Sports Award of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation.

Said Bargandzhia

The Deputy Head of the Separate Division (SD) ANO “Alashara” of the city of Cherkessk, the Head of the Sports Development Department, Rasul Chukov won the National Sports Award of the Ministry of Sports of Russia in the “Sports for All” nomination as the best organizer of sports and athletic activities in the countryside.

Rasul Chukov is over 25 years in sports.  For 10 years he was freestyle wrestling, then became a professional trainer, and for the past six years he has been developing mass sports in the Abaza villages of Karachay-Cherkessia.

Chukov took part in the competition for the first time and immediately won.  He explains this result with the active support of representatives of the Abkhaz-Abaza Diaspora.

“They actively voted for me.  They wrote to me.  They supported me.  I was very pleased,” he said.

The winners of the competition for the National Sports Award of the Russian Federation are determined in three stages.  At the first one, competitions are held, according to the results of which three candidates are announced in each nomination;  at the second stage, the Expert Council begins its work, which includes well-known athletes, coaches, politicians and cultural figures of Russia, and the popular voting on the website of the National Sports Award is conducted.  At the third stage, the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation sums up the results.

Commenting on his victory and the path to it, the prize winner said that sport is very popular in his homeland, in Abaza villages.

“Especially martial arts.  Most developed are wrestling, boxing, sambo, judo.”

Once his uncle Valentin Chukov brought him to the sport, who became his coach.  According to the athlete, his uncle instilled in him the love of sport and was “a great example” for him.

“His demanding attitude to training and to sports in general lead me to good results.  In addition to coaching talent, he had a great gift as a sports manager, which I still study.  And as a child, I largely imitated my uncle, but, unfortunately, he is no longer with us,” Chukov shared.

He added that today he sees an example to follow in the personality of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the World Abaza Congress and the President of “Alashara” Mussa Ekzekov.

“Not because he is my leader, but because he is a real example for the whole people,” said Rasul Chukov.

According to him, such a high award as the National Award for him is a new impetus, motivation for even more fruitful work and a commitment for new “heights.”

“For me, this victory means a lot.  This is a confirmation that we are moving with our team in the right direction,  concluded Rasul Chukov.

The National Sports Award of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation is one of the main awards in the field of sports in Russia.  It has existed since 2010.  Over the years, a few new ones have been added to the list of nominations, but the main ones have not changed.  They cover the most diverse areas of activity related to sports: directly involved in sports, promoting a healthy lifestyle, physical education and sports, sports facilities, adaptive sports and others.  Over the years the award has existed, many prominent sportsmen of Russia have become its laureates.