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Abkhazian language

20/09/2020 13:20 News 16377
From 71 to 80: We speak Abkhazian / We speak Abaza

Let’s recall the past 10 video lessons of the WAC Infoportal online project “We Speak Abkhazian / We Speak Abaza”. Send the learned phrases online and we will post them on our social pages.

27/10/2019 15:05 Ethnography Longread 148657
Abkhaz language in ten questions and answers

Abkhaz language belongs to the West Caucasian (Abkhaz-Adyg) group of the Caucasian language family. The closest to it is the Abaza language and they are related to the Adyg, Kabardino-Circassian languages, as well as the now extinct Ubykh. The Abkhaz language is one of the oldest and archaic languages of the world, which has survived to this day. The alphabet of the Abkhaz language consists of 64 letters: 56 consonants, 6 vowels, as well as two signs - a soft sign and a labialization sign.

23/08/2019 08:30 Ethnography 33598
Viacheslav Chirikba: the Welsh experience can help to preserve the Abkhaz language

Viacheslav Chirikba, Chairman of the Bagrat Shinkuba Abkhaz Language Foundation, member of the Supreme Council of the WAC, spoke about the methods of preserving the Abkhaz language using the example of the Wales experience in the UK.

08/07/2019 09:50 Turkey 39810
Abkhaz at the Bosphorus University: Abkhaz and foreigners learn the language in Turkey

Continuing the series of articles on how to learn the Abkhaz language, the WAC web information portal publishes material on teaching Abkhaz at the Bosphorus University and classes at the national centers of Turkey.

08/04/2019 17:30 Ethnography 38979
Abkhaz language for beginners: where in Abkhazia one can learn the native language

WAC web info portal set out to find out where in Abkhazia today one can learn the native language, what are the features of each of the methods, and whether it is necessary to act “on all fronts”.

10/01/2019 10:10 Diaspora 39256
Abkhaz in London learn their mother tongue at the courses of the cultural center

More than 20 participants of the London dernek attend Abkhaz language courses, which are conducted by a student from Abkhazia.

09/11/2018 11:10 Interview 28542
Abkhazians in Turkey refute the myth that it is unrealistic to learn Abkhazian

Teacher of the Abkhaz language at the Abkhaz Cultural Center in Istanbul Dali Sandzawa told our correspondent about her students and shared that the main problem today is the lack of good textbooks, and admitted that, watching the progress of her wards, she is now firmly convinced that one can learn Abkhazian from scratch even in adulthood.