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Nestor Lakoba

12/11/2018 09:50 Personalities 35127
Sariya Lakoba: loyal to Nestor and Abkhazia

Sariya Lakoba is an example of tremendous female loyalty, patience and sacrifice, the greatest woman of Abkhazia, as Fazil Iskander called her for the fidelity of her husband's memory, whom she did not give up even being tortured, paying for it with her own life.

15/09/2018 13:25 Personalities Longread 36827
Nestor and Abkhazia

He was a favorite of schoolmates who worshiped him. There, where games, fun, sonorous songs and impetuous mountain dances were - you could always see a short figure of a boy with lively black eyes and a thick hair of a raven's wing color writes Mikhail Bgazhba in his book "Nestor Lakoba"