The World Abaza Congress presented a draft video interview "WAC Faces" about the members of its team, authored by the editor-in-chief of the Congress information portal Amina Lazba. 

Amra Amichba 

The WAC has launched a series of video interviews with members of the Congress team as part of the new "WAC Faces" project, said Amina Lazba, editor-in-chief of the WAC information portal. She is the author of the project.

According to Lazba, the Congress has been actively working in a new composition for the fifth year already (on December 8, 2017, at the VII Congress of the World Abaza Congress, the Charter of the organization was changed, the position of the President of the Congress was abolished and the Supreme Council was created, whose Chairman was unanimously elected Mussa Ekzekov - ed.), and it was decided to tell more about the team members.

The creators of the project have already made several video conversations with the staff of the Congress office in Sukhum. Further, it is planned to conduct interviews with employees of the Central office of the WAC in St. Petersburg and with members of the Supreme Council of the WAC.

In the first four episodes, colleagues tell Amina Lazba – the interviewer, about themselves and their work.

"All interviews were in the format of a friendly conversation. My interlocutors tell me as a host about their life, their main milestones, about their hobbies, dreams, reflections on various issues. I know some of my colleagues from an early age, some from my student years, others I met already in the Congress, but we all work closely together. Therefore, it is quite easy for me to communicate, ask questions, encourage the hero of the conversation to think and thus give the viewer the opportunity to learn as much as possible about him," Amina Lazba shared the details.

She added that this is her first experience as an interviewer. The author and presenter hopes that the conversations are and will continue to be interesting for the audience in Abkhazia and beyond. 

Lazba said that all episodes of the project would be translated into 5 languages of the WAC information portal and uploaded on the website so that our compatriots living in different parts of the world would know better the staff of the Congress.

Amina Lazba explained the choice of the first guests of the project and the first characters of the interview.

"We planned the very first episode of the "WAC Faces" cycle with our mastermind and the main person of the organization, Chairman of the Supreme Council Mussa Ekzekov. However, in view of the forthcoming elections to the People's Assembly (Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia), in which several of our colleagues take part, we decided to start recording the interview with them. These are Inar Gitsba, Izolda Khagba, Temur Rekvava and Dmitry Zhiba," said the author of the project.  

Abaza TV channel acted as the media partner of the project. Besides the WAC portal, all episodes will be shown on television.Ruslan Khashig, General Director of the Abaza TV, noted that the "WAC Faces" project would diversify the broadcasting schedule of the channel and expand the audience.

"In any business, success can be achieved when there are dedicated individuals. Each of us, when implementing this or that project or idea, goes through a path. For television broadcasting, the experience of each citizen in the implementation of various projects is a rich material in order to know what people next to you are doing, what results they achieve," Khashig said. 

He highly appreciated the activities of the Congress, which implements useful and interesting projects - from educational to agricultural ones.  

"In recent years, the Congress has been expanding its scope of activities in various areas. On our channel, we actively rebroadcasted a large block of Abkhazian content from the WAC educational project. All this leads to the idea of a wider range of cooperation with the Congres. Our main partner, the viewer, also benefits from the fact that we have more [useful] materials on the air," explained the General Director of the Abaza TV channel.

The first episode of the "WAC Faces" project with the participation of the Executive Secretary of the Congress Inar Gitsba will be aired on Abaza TV on March 1 at 21:00.

The project was implemented by the WAC Information Portal: director of photography Ilona Khvartskia, assistant cameraman Naala Avidzba, editing - Ilona Khvartskia and Kamilla Kirwal, video graphics - Naur Khishba, author and host - Amina Lazba. 

The Congress launched a video interview project "WAC Faces"