The exposition of paintings about Sukhum opened in the capital of Abkhazia.

The exhibition of the Union of Artists of Abkhazia “Sukhum. A holiday that is always with you” opened in the Central Exhibition Hall of the capital of the Republic.  The event is timed to the day of Sukhum, celebrated annually in the first days of July.  The curator of the exhibition was the ex-Minister of Culture of Abkhazia Elvira Arsalia.

She said that the exhibition includes more than 50 paintings by Abkhaz artists.  Despite the individuality of the artists and the variety of works, they are all united by a common theme - Sukhum.

Elvira Arsalia noted that “in modern Abkhazia” this is “the first exhibition, the main purpose of which is to show the town”.  She drew attention to the fact that at the entrance to the Central Exhibition Hall, as if opening the exposition, a picture of Anzor Agumava was presented.

“This choice was not accidental.  Anzor Agumava, whom everyone knows as a researcher, historian, author of the book “Old Sukhum”, appears before us as an artist.  His work is “Old Sukhum” - 1976,” said the curator.

She listed famous artists whose work can be seen at the exhibition.  These are the works of Levarsa Butba, Alexander Sementsov, Ekaterina Guskova, Batal Dzhapua and others.

“The whole exhibition is built on the “crossroads ”, dialogs, reflections.  Along with the paintings, the statements of various writers about Sukhum are also presented; they emotionally strengthen the visual range.  Of course, these are dialogs about the town.  This is a very “social” project, it’s not only pictures and texts - it’s an opportunity to stop and think about the fact that the town forms a cultural code,” explained Arsalia.

Elena Sementsova - the guest of the exhibition, the daughter of the famous Soviet and Russian artist Alexander Sementsov, who lived in Sukhum for more than 20 years.  She admitted that she was particularly excited, as this is the first exhibition after the death of her father, where his works are presented along with the works of other artists.  Earlier in Sukhum there was a personal exhibition of the works of Alexander Sementsov.

“Our town unites our artists: contemporaries and those who are no longer alive.  And I am very pleased that Dad remains such an important artist of Abkhazia.  It shows Sukhum in the 80–90s, when, indeed, a sense of celebration reigned among the artists.  Every day they gathered in the “Amra” cafe on the Sukhum embankment, discussed some victories, some failures,” Elena Sementsova shared.

Among the visitors of the exhibition was the journalist Lana Abshilava.  She is interested in photography and often takes pictures of Sukhum, so it was important for her to visit the exhibition of pictures of Sukhum.

“I am a longtime fan of many of the works presented here.  To see them in one place, of course, is a great pleasure.  Thanks a lot to the organizers of the exhibition,” Abshilava thanked.

The exhibition ““Sukhum. A holiday that is always with you”  will be open until July 28.  Anyone can visit the exhibition, admission is free.