The Parents club, opened as part of the WAC Discussion club, held its first meeting in the capital of Abkhazia.

Said Bargandzhia

The Parents club - a special project at the Discussion club of the World Abaza Congress - began its work in Sukhum.  The first meeting of the participants took place on Saturday November 30th.
The head of the WAC Discussion club, Irina Turava, noted that the Parents club is a unique project for Abkhazia.

“In our country there was not a single similar organization.  We have many different venues that unite people according to their interests, there are political parties and various organizations, but the club for parents is the first and only,” Turava said.

She introduced the audience to the head of the Parents club - young mother Kama Kvitsiniya, who spoke about the goals and objectives of the club, noting from herself that this was a “very ambitious project.”

She emphasized, at the same time, that everything planned could be implemented only with the support of active parents.

“Many of us are dissatisfied with the conditions in kindergartens, medical care, education and other areas of the child’s life, and if active parents unite, then we will certainly be able to solve many problems.  We want to find like-minded people,” said the head of the club.

She also recalled that within the framework of the WAC Discussion club, the best ideas and projects, including the projects of the Parents club, will be able to receive funding.

“During the discussions, we will formulate various ideas, which we will then draw up into projects, and the most relevant ones will already receive financial support in 2021 and can be implemented.  Such an opportunity makes the club a very necessary platform where our promises go along with our actions,” said Kama Kvitsiniya.

She added that any parent can become a member of the Parents club, the main condition is “interest and motivation”.

During the first meeting, all participants were distributed questionnaires in which topics were proposed for further discussions.  These topics affect the psychological health of children and competent behavior of parents, education and development of children, protection of child health, ways to protect the child from the negative impact of the social environment, as well as the search for solutions to preserve and develop the Abkhaz language through the upbringing of the younger generation.

“We will invite well-known specialists to discuss all topics, including psychologists, pediatricians, teachers, parents will have the opportunity to directly ask them questions,” the head said.

At the first meeting of the Parents club, only mothers were present, but the organizers hope that men and fathers will become active participants in the discussions.

One of the participants, the young mother Mramza Delba, noted that the Parents club is an urgent and necessary undertaking.

“I am sure that the club will be a success.  Moreover, there is a family atmosphere, and this has the potential to discuss personal issues.  I have been waiting for this for a long time.  Any mother wants to meet similar mothers with the same difficulties and problems. Thanks to the Parents club,” Delba thanked.

She was supported by another young mother, Elana Kvekveskiri, expressing confidence that all club members would be ready to “work, discuss [issues] and find solutions.”

Another member of the Parents club was the cofounder of the “Kiraz” Abkhaz charitable organization Kama Gopia (the organization helps socially vulnerable families of Abkhazia - ed.). She, in turn, promised that she would “do everything possible to involve “Kiaraz” wards in club initiatives.”

Parents club meetings will be held twice a month for the first time.  All meetings will be broadcast online on the social networks pages of the WAC Discussion club.

The World Abaza Congress in November of this year launched the Discussion club in Sukhum - a platform for discussing a wide range of topics related to the preservation and development of the Abkhaz-Abaza people. The club was presented on November 7 at an introductory meeting in which members of the Supreme Council of the Congress, as well as Abkhaz media, participated. Since that time, the project has moved into the active phase of its work: this is the collection of applications for participation in discussions on certain topics and the organization of thematic meetings.