The World Abaza Congress and musician Abzagu Marykhuba launched a pilot project "Аҿар рыбжьы".)"Voice of Youth")

The World Abaza Congress, together with the Abkhazian musician Abzagu Marykhuba, launched a pilot version of the new project "Аҿар рыбжьы" (in translation from Abkhaz means "Voice of Youth"). The first trip in the format of a master class, which was attended by more than 30 students, took place in the town of Gudauta on February 9.

The project is aimed at revealing musical talent among the younger generation of Abkhazia.  The author of the idea of ​​the project is the musician Abzagu Marykhuba and he believes that this project can be the first step in the development of a creative person.

 "Today, our work is aimed not only at supporting the music industry, but also at identifying young talents. It is important to help talented people at the very beginning of their creative journey.  If we could lead at least two or three people on the right path, it would already be an excellent result for us," he said.

Valeria Adleyba, the winner of the International Children's Vocal Competition on NTV "You're Super", took part in the first master class. She told the children about her creative endeavors, first performances and future plans in the musical field, and also answered numerous questions from the little participants in the master class.

 "For a creative person, especially for young talented children, support is very important. I set myself as an example: if it were not for the support of my mother and my vocal teacher, today I would not be dealing either with vocals or musical work," shared Valeria Adleyba.

The coordinators of the new project "Аҿар рыбжьы" from the World Abaza Congress were the head of the Department for Youth Development and Physical Culture Valery Berzenia and specialist of the Department Esma Kvitsinia. According to Valery Berzenia, in accordance with the plan, master classes will be held among schoolchildren in all regions of Abkhazia.

"We will involve famous Abkhazian singers and artists in the project. The first research visit showed us how interesting the musical field is for children. We are also planning a trip to other regions of Abkhazia. The result of this project will be new musical compositions and videos  prepared by the World Abaza Congress and co-organizer of the project Abzagu Marykhuba. Most importantly, we hope that through this project we will find new names that will glorify our culture," he said.

The next master class will be held in Tkuarchal, Gal and Ochamchira.