A participant in the "Orpheus" vocal competition for young singers, which takes place in the Ochamchira region, received a special prize from the World Abaza Congress.

Said Bargandzhia

WAC established and awarded a special prize for the best performance of a song in the Abkhaz language as part of the "Orpheus" vocal project, which takes place in Ochamchira. The winner of the prize was a young participant in the competition Saida Azizova.

The Executive Secretary of the World Abaza Congress, Inar Gitsba, said that the idea of ​​a special prize arose and received the support of members of the WAC because the project "really became socially oriented."

Most of the children participating in the competition live in socially disadvantaged places. These are talented guys from the villages of the Ochamchira district, many of whom, literally, never held a microphone in their hands. Thus, the fourteen-year-old Saida Azizova, who was noted by the Congress, has no musical education.

"A special prize, certificate, will allow the winner to record a new song with the famous Abkhaz composer Anri Gumba," Gitsba said.

The idea of ​​creating a vocal contest "Orpheus" belongs to Valeria Adleiba, the winner of the first season of the popular vocal project "You are Super" on the Russian television channel NTV. According to her, the essence of the project is to enable young performers to express themselves on stage.

"I always knew that we have a lot of talented children in Ochamchira, and I wanted them, like me once, to have the opportunity to perform on a big stage, to feel what applauses mean. I told my mother about the idea and she addressed the Youth and Sports Department of the Ochamchira District Administration - and now we are doing this project together," Adleiba said.

The winner of the special prize from the WAC sang the well-known Abkhaz song "Schische nani" at the competition. This is a lullaby song that a mother sang to her dead infant on a ship during the forced relocation of Abkhaz to Turkey in the 19th century. In order to avoid epidemics and starvation, the dead were then simply thrown into the sea. Children were the first to die. There was one widow among women. The child of this unfortunate woman fell ill and soon died, but his mother continued to lull him, holding closer to her chest.

"I have long wanted to sing this song, it touches a nerve, and tears involuntarily come to my eyes. This is the pain of all our people," Saida Azizova shared.

The girl expressed gratitude to the Congress for the prize and admitted that she had never recorded songs in the studio before.

"This is a great prize, thank you very much. I am very glad!" she said.

For the selection of participants of the competition, the organizers traveled all the villages of Ochamchira district and listened to more than 100 children.

"The children greeted us with great joy, waited hopefully. We have a lot of talented children, but they need professional support, and this project is an excellent platform for each of them," said Lika Tsvizhba, vocal teacher, who listened to the participants during the casting.

17 participants compete for the title of the best singer in the vocal project "Orpheus", the performances are assessed by a competent jury. The project consists of three stages. At the second stage children performed songs in their native language. Ahead of the young performers is the third stage, which will reveal the best. According to the results of the first two stages, all the participants without exception reached the final.