The World Abaza Congress sent its forces to protect the population of Abkhazia from coronavirus infection.

The World Abaza Congress was actively involved in the work to protect the population of Abkhazia from coronavirus infection.  This was announced by the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Congress Mussa Ekzekov.

He noted that since the introduction of emergency in Abkhazia (the state of emergency in order to protect the life and health of citizens, as well as preventing the spread of coronavirus infection in the Republic of Abkhazia, was introduced from March 28, 2020 - ed.), the WAC completely switched to work to protect the health of the country's residents.

According to him, the Congress team began active cooperation with the Interagency Operational Headquarters for the protection of the population of Abkhazia from the coronavirus, with the charity organization “Kiaraz” and the public information center “Adgylara”.

“WAC is also in constant contact with the Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora, which - represented by Chairman Beslan Agrba - has already made an invaluable contribution to preventing the spread of the virus.  In coordination with the operational headquarters for the fight against the virus, the World Abaza Congress will purchase a significant amount of necessary protective equipment according to the list provided by the headquarters,” said Mussa Ekzekov.

The role of local councils and each WAC employee

The Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC noted an important area of ​​work: helping people in conditions of self-isolation.  He reminded that throughout the year local branches of the WAC were formed throughout Abkhazia, and today they are actively involved in substantive assistance to the population.

 “The WAC team, together with “Kiaraz” employees, has already provided up to 30 socially vulnerable families with food for quarantine, and this assistance continues.  Children from the WAC Youth Council as volunteers help local authorities in the non-proliferation of the virus in Abkhazia, inform the population about the prevention of the virus, and help older people.  Spokesperson for the WAC web information portal, Said Bargandzhia, became a member of the Interdepartmental Operational Headquarters of the Ministry of Health of Abkhazia for the fight against coronavirus infection and helps to inform the headquarters.  In general, the entire WAC team is involved in protecting the population from the virus.  I am sure that in such a situation there can be no one indifferent, we will unite the efforts of all people and successfully overcome this test,” Ekzekov expressed confidence.

Humanitarian assistance to the poor families of Abkhazia, together with the staff of the “Kiaraz” Charitable Organization, is delivered to families in different villages of the country by the Leader of the WAC Youth Councils Levan Torchua.  He noted that the Congress will continue to provide assistance to those in need, “especially in the event of the possible spread of coronavirus in Abkhazia.”

“In such a difficult period, large families and poor families, lonely old people, especially need the care of society.  I do this simply because I want to be useful.  In general, you can’t imagine how many young people help,” he said.

A personal contribution to the fight against global evil - the pandemic of a dangerous virus - these days is made by every indifferent person, with what he knows and can do.

So, Izolda Khagba, the chief editor of the WAC information portal, sews reusable masks and distributes them to everyone.

Members of local branches of the WAC together with activists of the “Adgylara” Information Center put up and distributed information leaflets in various towns of Abkhazia on precautions against the spread of infection, and employees of the WAC staff and compatriots abroad record video messages to people asking them to stay at home and upload them on channels the WAC information portal on social networks.

Covering all details in six languages 

The head of the WAC web information portal, Amina Lazba, noted that all employees of the WAC information portal are ready to provide the necessary assistance in additional reporting.

“For the period of the fight against coronavirus, our portal is moving to a new news format: until now, news has been only part of the content.  We will cover in detail all activities related to measures to prevent the spread of the virus in all working languages ​​of the portal.  The WAC portal will become a platform where representatives of our Diaspora in the world will receive the necessary information about all measures to protect the population in their historic homeland. We know that our compatriots are closely following the events in Abkhazia, especially in this difficult time for the whole world.  We understand how important this is for them, which is why we made such a decision,” said Amina Lazba.

A spokesman for the World Abaza Congress and part-time member of the Coronavirus Infection Operational Headquarters Said Bargandzhia spoke about the work of the headquarters: he promptly notifies the population of Abkhazia about the current situation.

“The headquarters daily gathers information about possibly infected from all over the country. Everyone with symptoms similar to coronavirus is tested for the virus.  Fortunately, the coronavirus was not detected at all among those who applied to medical facilities in our country, and there were more than 50 of them,” said Bargandzhia.

We are together

It is to be recalled that from March 24, 2020, the leadership of Abkhazia adopted a set of measures to protect the population of Abkhazia from coronavirus infection COVID-19.  Mass events were stopped, foreign citizens and stateless persons were prohibited from entering the Republic of Abkhazia for sightseeing and tourist purposes, and retail outlets were closed, with the exception of food stores and pharmacies.  All public catering places were closed, educational institutions were dissolved, and the work of state bodies and banks was limited.  All public services are designed to put all their efforts into the fight against coronavirus infection.

These days, a group of Abkhaz entrepreneurs united in the movement “We are together”.  In just a few days, more than 42 million rubles were raised to fight the new disease.  All these funds were used to purchase the necessary equipment, as well as disinfectants for the health system of Abkhazia.  The Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora has actively joined in the work, which has collected more than 6 million rubles, is preparing the purchase and send the necessary equipment, protective equipment for medical personnel.

From the first days, part of the force was devoted to providing food to socially vulnerable segments of the population.  Actively involved in this work are indifferent citizens who unite in groups and help their needy neighbors, bring food to lonely old people.

On March 27, 2020, the country decided to impose a state of emergency.  In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Abkhazia, on March 28, 2020, the Abkhaz-Russian border was closed by the country's leadership for crossing, with the exception of military personnel and diplomats.  The control of crossing the state border was strengthened for citizens of Abkhazia who began to actively return to their homeland, thermal imagers were installed, all citizens of Abkhazia returning to their homeland were sent for isolation for two weeks to private hotels provided by local businessmen.

A single call center is actively working, where more than 200 people call every day.  The necessary assistance is provided to everyone, including, if necessary, psychological support.

Trainings are regularly held for the medical staff of Abkhazia.

For everyone who wants to help Abkhazia in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, there is an opportunity to contribute to the bank details of the Moscow Abkhaz Diaspora or “We are together” movement from the territories of the Republic of Abkhazia and the Russian Federation, as well as to the details of the “World Abaza Congress” from the territory of the Republic of Turkey, or  make an online donation on the Congress website.  All funds received will be used to protect the life and health of residents of Abkhazia from coronavirus infection COVID-19.