The World Abaza Congress, together with the composer Abzagu Marykhuba, continues a musical project aimed at developing the talented youth of Abkhazia.

Shazina Bganba

The WAC Department for Youth Development and Physical Culture together with composer Abzagu Marykhuba have resumed a musical project. Identification of young talents, familiarization with folk melodies and musical instruments has been the main goal and objective of the project for the second year in a row. The artists will share their experience and knowledge in the music industry, teach skills in playing musical instruments, and give useful tips for young music lovers to find their own style.

The plan is to conduct 10 master classes with the participation of vocalists and Abkhazian pop musicians. The project will cover all regions of Abkhazia. The new format involves inviting its most talented participants for studio recording of songs.

The head of the WAC Department for Youth Development and Physical Culture, Valery Berzenia, noted the interest of young people in continuing the project.

“At the request of our youth, we continue to develop the music project started in 2023. Proposals to hold such working meetings come from different parts of Abkhazia. We are trying to satisfy requests and expand the reach to our audience. This is a great chance to express yourself, dive into the world of music, feel it, and also listen to the instructions and advice of professionals. As part of the master classes, new young talents will be selected, and then, in the Abzagu Marukhba’s recording studio, they will be able to record a song in their own performance,” - Berzenia said.

The first meeting within the project was held at Ochamchira Secondary School No. 2. 25 students from Ochamchira and Gal schools took part in it. Participants could try out instruments live, learned about various music programs and the work with arrangements. The moderator of the project, Abzagu Marykhuba, shared the story of his creative journey, talked about his activities and what opportunities the studio can provide.

С песней по стране: ВААК расширят масштабы музыкального проекта
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“Today, with one programmed computer, you can record absolutely any music or song. Mastering sound recording skills is not as difficult as it might seem from the outside. It’s difficult until you start and stop looking for some excuses. If you are interested, you will master anything even without outside assistance,” - he shared.

The next master class is planned to be held in March.