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    26 March 2023
26.03.2023 20:39
Gudauta, Republic of Abkhazia

The WAC conducted a medical examination of schoolchildren in the village of Aatsy.

The second trip within the new project of the World Abaza Congress was to the village of Aatsy, Gudauta district. The medical examination took place in two stages: on the first day, blood was taken from the students for a general analysis and glucose, and on the second day, with the available results, an examination was made by a wide range of doctors. The pupils were examined by neurologist Saida Kondzharia, neurologist, ultrasound diagnostician Albina Khodzhava together with nurses Ilona Barkalaya and Emma Kakubava, pediatricians Angelina Otyrba and Natalia Rogova, endocrinologist Radmila Gunia, otolaryngologist Amina Bazba, ophthalmologist Anzhela Dzhodzhua, radiologist Aslan Berzenia and urologist David Smyr. Ultrasound diagnostics, electrocardiography and fluorography were made. 10 students from the secondary school in Mtsara village joined the medical examination in the village of Aatsy.  According to the results of the second trip, about 80 schoolchildren were examined.