25 July 2024


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15.03.2023 18:24
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Address of the Chairman of the WAC Supreme Council Mussa Ekzekov to compatriots.

Dear friends, I am glad to greet all compatriots living in different parts of the globe.  We, the team of the World Abaza Congress and Alashara told about our long-term activity at the VIII Convention and at all information platforms.
We entered 2023 even more inspired to do good and useful things for the benefit of people. You know that the WAC and Alashara team from the moment they started their work have always paid special attention to the issues of preserving and developing of native language, culture and traditions.
I am confident that Apsuara Abazara is the basis of life and prosperity of the Abkhaz-Abaza people and its main ideology. In this regard, I decided to announce the next 5 years of active work of our team as the time of Apsuara Abazara.
This means that all our efforts will be directed towards strengthening the foundations of our people. My first assignment is to create a handbook on Apsuara for kindergartens and primary schools.
I hope that the best specialists will join the implementation of this model, and this year we will be able to hold contests for the best knowledge of Apsuara Abazara among children.
I call on all brothers and sisters to share your ideas, send us your projects. Let's save together what our ancestors saved and carried through the centuries.

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