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    25 December 2023
25.12.2023 16:15
Sukhum, Republic of Abkhazia

Khariton Agrba visited the Sukhum office of the WAC

Boxer Khariton Agrba, an international master of sports, holder of the WBA Fedecaribe, WBA Continental, and IBF European titles, visited the Sukhum office of the Congress with a team of coaches. Agrba thanked the Congress team and personally the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC M.K. Ekzekov for cooperation and support. The athlete congratulated the WAC team on the upcoming New Year, and we, in turn, wished the boxer new brilliant victories and achievements in his professional career!

25.12.2023 14:51
Sukhum, Republic of Abkhazia

Mussa Ekzekov held an online meeting with the WAC and “Alashara“ teams.

At the Sukhum office of the World Abaza Congress, an online meeting was held between the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC, Mussa Ekzekov, and the teams of the ANO “Alashara” and the NGO “World Abaza Congress”. The working meeting was attended by the Head of Office of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC Kan Tania and the Head of Information Policy and Communications Tengiz Tarba. The results of the organizations' activities for the current year were summed up at the meeting. In addition, key priorities, prospects and tasks for 2024 were discussed. Mussa Ekzekov highly appreciated the work done, the cohesion and hard work of the teams. The Chairman of the Supreme Council of the WAC wished the employees a Happy upcoming New Year, wished them good health, prosperity and the implementation of all their plans!

25.12.2023 13:49
Sukhum, Republic of Abkhazia

Hands of the creator: on the life and work of Amiran Adleyba

We bring to your attention an essay about the life and creative work of the sculptor and artist Amiran Adleyba, prepared by the Information Department of the WAC.

25.12.2023 13:00
Sukhum, Republic of Abkhazia