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    22 December 2023
22.12.2023 16:01
Chlou, Republic of Abkhazia

WAC conducted a medical examination in the village of Chlou.

The World Abaza Congress conducted a medical examination of students of the Chlou Secondary School named after B.V. Shinkuba. The village is quite large, so an expanded team of doctors worked at the school. It included specialists of various profiles provided by the Ministry of Health - pediatricians Amalia Aznauryan and Alisa Golandzia, endocrinologists Renata Ankvab and Angela Adleyba, cardiologists Ilona Ardzinba and Sharizan Agrba, ophthalmologists Anna Kove and Fatima Sangulia, neurologist Saida Kondzharia, rehabilitation specialist Arzadin Agrba, neurologist, ultrasound diagnostician Albina Khodzhava, radiologist Aslan Berzenia, as well as nurses Madina Bartsyts, Ilona Barkalaya and Asmat Tsaava. In addition, students from Sukhum Medical College took part in the medical examination. Equipment for ultrasound diagnostics of thyroid and cervical vessels was brought to the school, as well as a mobile cabinet with a fluorograph on the basis of KAMAZ. All blood tests were conducted by the MedLife laboratory.

About 120 students and teachers underwent medical examination at Chlou Secondary School. During the examination, they were provided with medical advice and various examinations, and the necessary treatment was prescribed. Schoolchildren with identified problems were referred for additional research. Based on the results of the examinations, the general health of students is assessed as positive. The next, final stage of medical examination will take place in the village of Kutol.