18 April 2024


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    3 March 2024
03.03.2024 23:00
Sukhum, Republic of Abkhazia

Khariton Agrba became a contender for the IBA world champion title.

Boxer Khariton Agrba defeated Mexican Jose Miguel Borrego at the “IBA Night of Champions” tournament. The ten-round fight in the weight category up to 67 kg, which took place in Sochi, ended with a unanimous decision of the judges.

The 28-year-old athlete has 14 wins and no losses. Agrba won the title of contender for the IBA champion belt with this victory.

03.03.2024 16:01
Sukhum, Republic of Abkhazia

The World Youth Festival started on the Sirius federal territory in Sochi

The opening ceremony is scheduled for March 2, but the first events took place today. More than 20 thousand young leaders from around the world take part in WFM. Abkhazia is represented at the festival by 100 people.

The festival hosts the “Cultural Patronage” program. Our delegation met with the delegations supervising Abkhazia at the WFM - Chuvashia and Baikonur. The guys demonstrated national dancer shows to each other, exchanged souvenirs, were excited and in a very good mood.

The World Abaza Congress is part of the Organizing Committee for the preparation and holding of the festival. Among the participants are the head of the WAC department for youth development and physical culture, member of the Organizing Committee Valery Berzenia and specialist of the department for work with local representative offices Kherson Simonia. As part of the WFM, the Executive Secretary of the WAC, Member of Parliament Inar Gitsba will make a report at the round table.

03.03.2024 13:45
Sukhum, Republic of Abkhazia

WAC made the dream of a young viewer come true

The WAC Department for Work with Local Representative offices organized a trip to the Abkhazian Drama Theater named after S. Chanba for students of the Arasadzykh Secondary School No. 2. Previously, the children participated in the “Aimadara” project, within which they visited the cultural and historical sights of the capital. During the excursion, the students shared with the department staff their little dream - to visit the Abkhazian Drama Theater. Today the children are back in the capital, their eyes are shining again. 25 people, including both students and teachers, attended the play “He and She,” dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the founder of Abkhazian literature Dmitry Gulia. People's Artists of Abkhazia Violetta Maan and Kesou Khagba are involved in the production. The director was Honored Artist of the Republic Madina Argun. The performance is based on Gulia’s work “Correspondence between a Boy and a Girl.”

The children watched breathlessly what was happening on stage, loudly applauded the actors, and reacted emotionally to the actions of the characters. After the performance, they long discussed the meaning of what they saw. They will remember this Friday evening for a long time.