The WAC has extended the competition to fill the vacant position of the Coordinator of Local branches and youth activity of the Congress.

The World Abaza Congress has extended the terms of the competition to fill the vacant position of the Coordinator of Local branches and youth activity of the WAC. Earlier it was stated that the application forms will be accepted until February 20, but according to the new decision, they can also be sent from March 4 to March 15.

Commenting on the course of the competition, Executive Secretary of the Congress Inar Gitsba noted that today nine people have reached the final stage of the competitive tests. It is to be recalled that the selection takes place in several stages: submitting the application, online testing, an interview with the leaders of the WAC and the final stage - an interview with the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Congress, Musa Ekzekov.

"All the guys are very motivated. They have very good personal features and subject knowledge, but we decided to continue the search and give the opportunity to those applicants who, perhaps, did not meet the deadline, fill out a questionnaire and try themselves," Gitsba explained.

He noted that the decision made will allow a wider range of applicants to take part in the competition, and the Congress will choose an applicant who will fully meet the tasks of fulfilling official duties.

"Those guys who took part in the first competitive selection remain in the personnel reserve, some of them will be offered the opportunity to prove themselves and take part in the activities of the Congress," Gitsba said.

List of responsibilities of the Coordinator

The future field and youth activity coordinator will do the following:

  • take part in the creation of Local branches (abbreviated as LB) of the WAC, in drawing up a Plan of Projects and Activities of Local branches aimed at implementing the statutory goals and objectives of the WAC, in terms of the implementation of socially significant projects;
  • monitor the work of Local branches and inter-district interaction of the LB for the effective and timely implementation of the Work Plan.
  • ensure the economic efficiency of building an algorithm for the implementation of projects and events organized by the LB within the framework of the Work Plan, to introduce into the practice of the LB advanced, effective methods of developing measures and implementing projects.
  • participate in the preparation of documentation necessary for the implementation of each project and event initiated and carried out by the WAC LB, check this documentation, keep records and control the transfer to the WAC Central Office.
  • carry out reporting within the entrusted competence (including preparing various kinds of reports and presentations at the request of the management).
  • take part in the preparation and direct holding of the annual Cultural and Sports Festival "Abaza".
  • promptly notify the head and employees of the WAC Information portal about the upcoming implementation of programs / projects within the framework of the work of the LB.
  • analyze and take measures to react to the noted remarks of the Chairman of the Supreme Council, the Executive Secretary, the Chief of Staff for ongoing projects and take measures to prevent their recurrence when carrying out projects in subsequent periods.

In addition, the Coordinator will have to be guided by the current orders, internal orders of the management, document flow regulations, internal labor regulations in organizing activities within the framework of their competence, improve their qualifications in order to increase their effectiveness in their position.

Rules of the competition remain the same, only the terms have changed.

First stage. From March 4 to March 15, applications for participation in the competitive procedure are accepted. The filled application can be submitted personally in the WAC office from 9:00 to 18:00, or sent to

Application form of a candidate for filling the vacant position of the Coordinator of Local branches and youth activity of the WAC in the following formats:

At the second stage, participants will be tested online. Applicants will be required to answer 25 questions within 30 minutes. The use of reference books, mobile communications and other means of storing and transmitting information is not allowed.

At the third stage, applicants will undergo individual interviews. Interviews will be conducted by members of the competition commission from among the staff of the Sukhum branch of the WAC.

When assessing the professional and personal qualities of candidates, the competition committee will proceed from the qualification requirements for a vacant position and other provisions of the job regulations for the position.

The competition committee also has the right to make a decision, which has a recommendatory nature, on the inclusion in the personnel reserve of the organization of a candidate who did not become the winner of the competition for filling a vacant position, but whose professional and personal qualities were highly appreciated.

The fourth stage is an online interview with the Chairman of the WAC SC Mussa Ekzekov. Based on the results of the fourth stage, two candidates will be chosen for one month paid probationary period. At the end of the probationary period, one employee will be selected on a permanent basis.

Reception of application forms and individual interviews are carried out at the address: Republic of Abkhazia, Sukhum, 109 Lakoba st., office of the World Abaza Congress. For information call: +7 840 226-25-26